December 30 2017

December 30 2017

rising snow level, carbon capture technology, sea level rise in Jakarta, health impact of Hurricane Harvey, theory of gravity a hoax

The San Francisco Chronicle reports on a recent study of snow level in the Sierra Nevada. The analysis of measurements, which are only available using specialized radar equipment for the last 12 years, demonstrate the snow level is rising. Proxy measurements based on air temperatures suggest that “snow line likely jumped more significantly in the most recent decade than in any other decade in the past 66 years.” This conclusion is also consistent with local knowledge, and is projected to occur by climate models as temperatures rise.

The Los Angeles Times reports on a study in Nature Communications that investigates the impact of loss of arctic sea ice on atmospheric circulation in the eastern Pacific. The researchers conclude that loss of ice cover will increase the frequency of high pressure ridges in the eastern Pacific, which will produce more frequent droughts in California. Inside Climate News summarizes recent findings suggesting that the impacts of climate change are occurring faster than predicted just three years ago by the IPCC.

Quartz has an excellent in-depth article about carbon capture technologies. The author points out the importance of carbon capture to achieving the 2°C target, and that it must be used in a variety of industries beyond electricity production from fossil fuels. Inside Climate News visits Nolan County, Texas, to investigate how the wind industry has changed the local economy. In the town of Sweetwater, the assessed value for taxation was $500M in the late 1990s, but it is now $2.8billion.

The New York Times has a detailed article about sea level rise adaptation in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Challenged like all coastal cities, Jakarta faces the additional issue that it is subsiding faster than any other major city in the world.

Three months after Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston, the Houston Chronicle reports on surveys documenting ongoing health impacts. Of particular concern are mental health impacts from stress, trauma, and inability to seek treatment.

Inside Climate News has an in depth article about the history of climate change denial, noting that at present climate science denial is firmly entrenched in the White House. The article describes how the “denial machine” was started by the oil industry, but is now taking positions that the oil companies do not support.

And don’t miss Melissa McCarthy and Jennifer Aniston proving that the Theory of Gravity is a hoax.